How to sell my parents house at auction?


Often when selling a home that was owned by parents or an older relative, or a house that has been occupied for decades, there is extra work involved in prepping for sale. This can be one of the most challenging and expensive parts of selling a deceased parents home when you hire a real estate agent.

The house may be quite dated, out dated kitchens, baths, including old wallpaper, decorations, carpet, paint, etc. It may also have damage that has gone unaddressed for a long time.

When selling at auction, we take the stress and the pressure off of you.

  1.  The seller and auction firm mutually agree that the real estate will not sell unless or until an undisclosed reserve price is met or realized.  Quite simply, if the auction price does not meet or exceed the reserve price, the property does not sell without you, the sellers permission.

  2. The Property will be sold Subject to Seller’s Confirmation, only if high bid is less than the agreed upon reserve.  This means that after the High Bid  has been received and acknowledged by Auctioneer, Seller may determine, in Seller’s sole and absolute discretion, to (i) accept such bid or (ii) reject such bid.

  3. You pay 0% commission to sell your real estate. We offer a free in home consultation to discuss the evaluation and pre-sale management of your real estate. There will be a one time nominal marketing fee to list your real estate on MLS and other real estate sites as well as target marketing toward qualified buyers.

  4. We also work with several Real Estate Agents / Firms to help sell your real estate and we pay them their commission, not you!

  5. We are committed to providing targeted and aggressive advertising and marketing campaigns when listing properties. We give you the best of both worlds by listing your real estate at  auction and by traditional listings.

  6. Auction properties STAND OUT in the marketplace.

  7. Auction marketing frequently forces a sale prior to the auction.

  8. The property gets sold on your timetable

  9. The property is sold as is, without warranty or contingencies.

  10. The seller is able to sell the property at market value as determined through the public auction process with many potential buyers at one time, not by private negotiation with a single interested party. All offers are received at the same time.

  11. Your property is extensively marketed

  12. Sellers choose when their home will sell.