Merchandise Dixon's Online Auction will not accept for consignment in our gallery

We will decline the following items:

  • Particle board furniture (such as kit form computer desks and work stations)
  • Box springs, mattresses and used bed linens 
  • Smelly or overly stained rugs or upolstered furniture (pet urine, mold, food etc.)
  • Used clothing with the exception of vintage and period designer label items
  • Mismatched kitchen glasses, cups, battered pots and pans, Tupperware ­(these are yard sale items that should be donated)
  • Fluffy toys / stuffed toys
  • VCR’s and VCR tapes
  • Smelly appliances, electronics and power tools that are not in working condition
  • Pornographic magazines and DVD’s (Playboy collections are ok)
  • Any item that we think is either yard sale quality or should be donated