Here's what our clients have to say about their experience with Dixon's.

August 31, 2020

I just want to thank Billy for the hard work he put in to selling my grandmothers estate for my parents. Once the paperwork was signed the transaction was seamless. Him and his team went above and beyond advertising to get the best possible outcome. Did I mention they got almost 98K more than we ever thought was possible. I will be using Dixon’s auction again. Thanks so much!

Kim Krull

August 2020

I very much enjoyed meeting you, Shanleigh, and Nick yesterday and left feeling very good about our decision to work with you and Donna.  Without hesitation I assured and reassured Yan of what great guys you are, how respectful and kind you are about your work.  My husband, Nick, and his sister, Sabrina, are very happy and glad to hear how professional, well-informed, and respectful you all are. 
It is obvious that you know that your business involves personal possessions in what is an intimately personal place to Maryrose's children, all the more so because those things and the house are the only tangible things left from their mother's life.  In my experience, this part of closing the estate of a loved one is the hardest, because the  emotions about the house and what is in it has nothing to do with business and everything to do with grieving.    It was a gift to me to have the chance to meet you and be there for much longer than I'd planned to be while you worked.   I found so many personal photos & slides, correspondence, and personal papers that will be invaluable to them. 
Thank you for your patience with and help to me yesterday and for your good work.  Most especially thank you for how you go about what you do so the people I love can feel confident about these final steps that really are the end of our tangible connection to a person we all loved and, symbolically, the place and things that represent her life to us and no one else. 
Take care,

June 29, 2020

During chaotic times Dixon's promoted and conducted the SALE of a close friend's home....Result: Home sold : Professionally and Timely...I highly recommend Dixon's. and particularly EdDixon if/and when you want your home sold W/O any repair expense or commission...Let Dixon's ease your mind and increase your finances....Paul Barker
Paul Barker, Glen Allen VA

Moving Crew May 2016

Just a note to let you know that the guys that came over today WERE THE BEST! Polite, helpful, we actually had a good time! 
Good job done by a good crew! Thanks very very much!!  Anne Mitchell

The process has been flawless

In March 2015, my wife and I recently contacted Ed Dixon to obtain Estate Sales and Auction information. Ed's follow-up was prompt and we met to review options for many rooms of furniture, power tools and lawn equipment. The process from start to "almost" completion has been flawless. Billy Dixon orchestrated the move of all the items from our home to their auction warehouse. Billy also accommodated picking-up furniture we had in storage. The moving team with Billy was great. They respected the furniture, the walls, and were very careful. We are now in the process of reviewing the sales on-line and it has been exciting to watch. 90% of our items have been auctioned and we are pleased by the outcome. We are waiting for the remaining 10% of the items to be auctioned, but again we are already pleased by their attention to details, bidding process, and auction results. Dixon's Auction is a great source for searching and purchasing those items you need or have been looking for. I would highly recommend Dixon's Auctions and Estates Sales regardless if you have 1 or 100 items for sale or auction.

— Horace Lee Allen